Knowing No Limits

There’s been a popular phrase that says, “The sky’s the limit to what you can do.”
In the figurative context, that’s right. The sky is the highest thing we can see, and that means we can do a lot.
But its literal meaning is less agreeable. I mean, there are footprints on the moon, satellites on orbits, and even rovers beyond the solar system.
Limits do that. Limits limit. Yeah, that’s funny, but that’s the truth.
And it’s not good to be limited.
And we’ve broken the limits a lot by going beyond the sky.
So why do you think the limits you think you’re caged in can’t be broken?

What’s Your True Place in the World?

It’s a very well-known fact everywhere around the world that we have a specific place as a part of the society in this world.

In fact, it goes as far as to mention that the place we fill in that society is unique- one that we- and nobody else- can fulfill. Of course, these claims are hugely supported by the fact that each and every one of us are unique in our own ways, which is undeniable.
But as motivating as it might sound to be irreplaceable and important, there’s a part of that statement that seems to be the missing piece in the puzzle for most people: What’s that so-called true place I’m meant for?

The answer to this question isn’t as easy to find as Question No. 8 in your high school math finals and even harder than learning an entirely new programming language with no previous experience, so the search isn’t for the faint hearted.
But ironically, it’s as easy as asking yourself 2 simple questions:
1.   What do you see yourself doing every day for the rest of your life?
No, it’s not an exaggeration. Well, maybe a little bit, but it doesn’t matter.
Your true place in life is a long-term place. It’s not just your place for the next year or two; it’s for most, if not all, of the rest of your life. With that in mind, it would be extremely foolish to think of what sustainable activity you enjoy doing now as your place in life. Instead, think of it in the long-term. What do you want to do in a daily routine in, say, 15 years?
It’s a simple question, but the answer to that means a lot. It shows what your passion really is apart from things you merely enjoy. It allows you to imaginarily simulate who you want to be and actually is a realistic image you imagine. It just works.
Consequently, it can be very hard to come up with a serious answer that tells the truth. But let me tell you this: If it really shows your true passion and the person you realistically will try to be in the future, it SHOULD be that hard. And it’s worth it.
2.   What are you the BEST IN THE WORLD at?
Yes, the best in the world.
But in this case, ‘the world’ does not refer to Planet Earth. It refers to YOUR world, the world as you know it.
For example, you might be able to make a decent presentation in 10 minutes. No one else that you know of can do it that fast at the same quality, and the closest they can get to it is 15 minutes.
But you ask yourself, “What if someone, somewhere out there, can do it in 5 minutes?”

As I said, the ‘world’ in the above question refers to the world as you know it. The people you know, in the places you know.
So, if you don’t know if someone better exists or not, it doesn’t exist. It might exist in Planet Earth, but it doesn’t in YOUR world. And the question refers to the latter, so if you don’t know if you’re best in the world or not, you ARE.
Like the first question, it’s very simple, but it’s one that can be extremely difficult to answer. But trust me, there IS something you’re best in the world at.
And why do you need to find something you’re best in the world at?
Well, if you know someone else is better than you at something, then it’s THEIR place in the world. Not yours.
In most scenarios, the two answers to each of the questions will be the same. If it’s not, then there’s another answer. Keep searching.
When you find the two answers to be identical, you can THEN confirm that is your true place in this world. The unique place that you, and only you, are meant to fill in this world.
To find your place in this world in 2 questions and potentially less than a minute to do might sound like it’s a joke, but it’s not. In most circumstances, it takes hours, if not days, of absolutely focused thinking to do it.
But it’s worth it. Really.